We invest in companies with strong growth and value creation potential, actively engaging with business owners and management teams. Our contribution focuses on assisting businesses with growth potential that occasionally require to adjust several aspects of their strategy and operations at an extremely rapid pace. On those occasions, our operational and financial expertise could be invaluable.

Our value creation initiatives in support of the companies’ growth strategy have generally fallen into two broad categories:


We are closely involved in formulating the growth strategy. In many instances, we assist in generating domestic and international add-on acquisition ideas that complement the company’s business, capitalizing on our network of relationships to identify acquisition candidates and facilitate a transaction. Some of our main areas of contribution with regard to strategic initiatives are:


  • Identifying, reviewing, valuing and negotiating domestic and international add-on acquisitions to accelerate growth
  • Identifying product and geographic areas for new business
  • Setting ambitious organic growth targets
  • Augmenting network of commercial contacts and initiating divestments of non-core assets to refocus on growth areas.


We work closely with management to ensure that the organization and infrastructure of the company are appropriately designed and sized to succeed in their business plans. When necessary, we are prepared to strengthen key responsibility areas within the management team. Some of our operational contribution include:


  • Strengthening internal controls
  • Streamlining reporting structures
  • Assisting in supplementing management where needed
  • Actively managing liquidity positions and working capital accounts
  • Enhancing cash flow through debt reduction
  • Collaboration in the definition and execution of business plans